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Home Cleaning Services Shedd OR, House cleaning Services Shedd OR

We utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your floors back to their natural beauty!

  • Pre-Treatment – First we apply a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria.
  • Pressure – Contained high pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas.
    (Up to 2500 PSI)
  • Heat – We use 200+ degrees of heat.
  • Vacuum – Our process removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors.

Residential and Commercial
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  • Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria
  • Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
  • We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Licensed and insured
  • Monthly Maintenance Program
  • We specialize in floor care
  • All work guaranteed
  • Highly Trained Experts
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Patented Technology

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Valle Wide Cleaning Services: Affordable Solutions that Work

Valle Wide Services has been dedicated to providing our customers cleaning services for years. Our broad range of services includes tile cleaning, stone cleaning, carpet, and upholstery cleaning as well as pressure washing. Our services are offered to both home and business owners that would like their property to look and feel its best. Valle Wide Services will make sure that your carpets radiate with color, your floors shine and your tiles sparkle.
Our specialty is cleaning services, and with the use of the most advanced techniques and technology, we will bring your floors, tiles, stones, carpets and furniture back to life and restore their natural beauty. We will remove any bacteria, grime, oil and dirt expanding their life span. Our products are all EPA, environmentally safe and non-toxic for humans or pets.

Home Cleaning Services That We Provide

Life is sometimes too short to clean your home. That??s why Valle Wide Services is here to help. With all the other responsibilities on your place, you should be able to spend and enjoy your free time doing the things you like. Our home cleaning services are tailored to give you peace of mind, and time to enjoy your loved ones.
We bring years of cleaning experience to your home, commercial property or office. Our high-quality cleaning services are designed to keep your property spotless all year round.

Home Cleaning Services Shedd OR, Home Power washing services shedd OR

We Know How To Clean Marble

Marble is one of the stones that can last for generations if taken care of properly. We recommend not attempting to clean marble yourself, as there are different types of marbles that need special care and attention to ensure they retain their best appearance and have long life spans. Marble is very vulnerable to getting stained and is easily damaged by liquids, especially acid liquids such as fruit juices.
We use specialized equipment and techniques perfected over time by our experience, offering the best possible results for your marble surfaces, including countertops and floors. There are several unique marble types that all need different cleaning methods, and we can apply the best solution for your marble type.
If your marble surfaces are showing wear and tear, we can quickly restore them back to their original condition with our techniques.

Restore Your Property With Our Pressure Washing Services

Outdoor surfaces can take a real beating from grime, dirt, grease and pollution. If you don??t have a proper professional cleaning and maintenance program scheduled, your home or property can take on a run-down appearance that devalues your property’s value.
Valle Wide Services can keep your property looking like new. With the combination of our modern pressure washing and surface cleaning equipment along with our professional cleaning expertise, we deliver exceptional cleaning results for all types of properties.
The Best Cleaning For Your Microfiber Couch
Microfiber couches are one of the most popular couches out on the market, as they are comfortable and beautiful, and can be more affordable than suede. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that repels liquids and stains more quickly than most other upholstery fabrics.
Valle Wide Services knows the best techniques to keep your microfiber couch looking its best for a long time, with our efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our experts will ensure that your couch is left spotless without any damage to the fabric.
Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaners
When you have a dirty or smelly carpet, you might want to do it yourself, as there are many carpet cleaning solutions available in today’s market. However, it’s best to leave carpet cleaning to the professionals, as the commercial cleaning items can irreversibly damage your carpets. Valle Wide Services has the proper knowledge and the correct products to professionally clean your carpet.

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The Best Floor Cleaning Services
Cleaning your floors on a regular basis will keep them clean, but we offer advanced technology that not only cleans your floors, but it also restores them back to life. Valle Wide Services will pre-treat your floors with our deep cleaning solution that loosens up bacteria, dirt, grime and oils. We then apply a high heat and high-pressure water treatment that penetrates even the toughest areas of your floors. We will them vacuum the remaining dirty water, leaving your floors newly restored and looking brand new again.
We Can Help If You’re Not Sure How To Remove Oil Stains From Driveway
If you have oil stains in your driveway, they can present a danger, as they are a slip hazard. Oil stains are notoriously hard to remove, as the oil soaks deep into the surface of your driveway. There are different cleaning methods, as the different oils require different removal processes.
Using a commercial oil remover can permanently stain your driveway, so leave it to us. Valle Wide Services will permanently remove any hazardous oil stains, renewing the appearance of your driveway.

Home Cleaning Services Shedd OR, cleaning microfiber couch shedd OR
We Are The Best Upholstery Cleaning Company
You might not notice any stains on your furniture, but this doesn’t mean that it’s as clean as it could be. Even if it looks clean, bacteria is still harboring on the surfaces of your furniture, which can affect your health.
Valle Wide Services offers professional upholstery cleaning, removing any allergens living in your furniture, and improving the air quality in your home. These allergens include mildew, dust, and mold. Using the latest cleaning solutions and technology, we guarantee your satisfaction with our cleaning services.
Looking For Travertine Tile Cleaning? We Can Help!
Travertine is commonly used in walls, showers, floors and countertops, as it adds beauty and elegance to any room. A DIY approach to cleaning travertine tiles can lead to terrible results, including permanent staining, etching, and scratching.
If you want your travertine tile surfaces to have a long lifespan, contact Valle Wide Services. We use special tools, solutions, protectants and sealers to professionally clean your travertine tiles and make them look brand new.
Look No Further For Tile And Grout Cleaning Services
Dirt and grime build up on the porous surfaces of your tile and grout floors over time, making it easier for the propagation of bacteria, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Regular mopping is not enough to properly clean your tile and grout.
Valle Wide Services delivers professional healthy and safe tile and grout cleaning services, restoring the luster and shine to your floors. Our patented cleaning methods are highly effective while still gentle on your floors.
We Offer The Best Furniture Cleaning Services
Our trained upholstery cleaning technicians have the know-how to always deliver the best results. Valle Wide Services will rejuvenate your upholstery, removing all debris, dirt, and grime residing in your furniture fibers, and we will not damage the fabric. The appearance of your furniture is instantly restored and clean of dirt, dust and any pollutants.
Our cleaning solutions leave no residue behind, and your furniture is left looking clean and smelling fresh.

Home Cleaning Services Shedd OR, cleaning microfiber couch shedd O

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